Heating Systems


Nuheat. Warmth for the Sole™

Nuheat is the leading manufacturer of an electric radiant floor heating system. The Nuheat Systems bring soothing warmth to tile, stone, laminate and engineered wood floors. Keeping surfaces at a "just-right" temperature, Nuheat is perfect for master bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, mudrooms and even for granite counter tops.

Nuheat's floor heating system offers the affordable luxury of warm floors and barefoot comfort that any home-owner can enjoy. Radiant floor heating systems are easy to zone and can be placed in the rooms you wish to enjoy warm floors. Their floor heating system allows home-owners to maximize energy efficiency, reduce utility costs, while enjoying warm floors in the rooms where home-owners are spending their time.


electric-standardStandard Mats

Nuheat's standard mats (squares and rectangles) are ideal for most room layouts. Nuheat Mats are 1/8" thick, easy to install, energy efficient, and can be controlled using a variety of programmable and non-programmable thermostat options.

Our electric floor heating system can use one or a combination of in floor heating mats to deliver under floor heat for the entire room. Nuheat in floor heating mats come in over 60 different standard sizes and are available in both 120 & 240 volt formats.



custom-matsCustom Mats

When full coverage cannot be achieved with Nuheat's standard mats (example: rooms with angles or curved walls), Nuheat can also manufacture custom mats to provide optimal coverage. Once dimensions are confirmed, a custom mat is manufactured to fit the exact dimensions of the area.

Nuheat custom mats are 1/8" thick, easy to install, energy efficient, and can be controlled using a variety of programmable and non-programmable thermostat options.



shower-matShower Mats

The Nuheat Shower Mat can be controlled using a variety of programmable and non-programmable thermostat options.





 cableCable System

Nuheat Cable is a floor heating system that allows contractors to instantly make on-site adjustments to the floor heating coverage for any room including those with curves and angles. Nuheat Cable can be also used to heat wet areas such as shower beds and benches or saunas.

Nuheat Cable can be controlled using the same programmable and non-programmable thermostat options as Nuheat Mats.



 Element ThermostatElement Thermostat

The Nuheat Element thermostat is a non-programmable
control that offers simple on/off capability for the Nuheat floor
heating system. The thermostat offers the most basic type of
control and features energy usage information, dual voltage
compatibility (120V & 240V), a physical on/off switch, and
built-in Class A GFCI protection.




 Home ThermostatHome Thermostat

The Nuheat HOME thermostat is a 7-day programmable electric floor heating thermostat exclusively designed by Nuheat. The Nuheat HOME thermostat features a 3.5” color touchscreen display which homeowners can use to access the super-intuitive user interface and energy usage information. The thermostat features dual voltage compatibility (120V & 240V), a physical on/off switch, and has built-in Class A GFCI protection.




 Signature ThermostatSignature Thermostat

The Nuheat SIGNATURE thermostat is North America’s first WiFi-enabled thermostat designed specifically for electric floor heating systems. Homeowners can monitor, control, and program their Nuheat floor heating system via the free Nuheat SIGNATURE smartphone app (iOS and Android) or any web browser. Homeowners can access a super-intuitive user interface using the 3.5” color touchscreen display. The thermostat also provides homeowners with useful information such as energy usage as well as weather updates.

The Nuheat SIGNATURE thermostat features 7-day programmability, dual voltage compatibility (120V & 240V), and built-in Class A GFCI protection. The exclusive design features a high-gloss frame and a borderless clear acrylic which blends into any modern room décor.




Setting Materials


It's always important to "set things right".
We've got everything you need to ensure a proper installation.

You've decided on your décor and have selected your tiles. Now it is very important to ensure your tile project is installed correctly so you can enjoy for years to come. At Tile Giant Canada, we offer a wide range of quality installation products for many applications from Kiesel and Supertek.

Kiesel Bauchemie, located in South Western Germany, specializes in the manufacturing of installation systems for tiles, natural stone, parquet, hardwood flooring, textile and flexible floor coverings. Kiesel is a leading innovators and manufacturer of installation systems in the industry.

Super-Tek has been providing the ceramic tile and stone flooring industry with quality adhesives, mortars, grouts and maintenance products since 1978. Their products are engineered to perform under the most demanding conditions while keeping the installer in mind with user-friendly formulations. All Super-Tek products meet or exceed applicable ANSI standards.

At Tile Giant Canada you are sure to find all the installation products you need for your tile project.



  • Extended Coverage Flexible Thin Set Mortar
  • new mortar generation
  • up to 30% increased coverage than standard thin set
  • for all approved substrates and covering materials
  • improved flexural strength
  • non sag mortar for large format tile
  • neutral mortar colour
  • easy application
  • excellent non-sag characteristics
  • interior and exterior applications



Flexible Full Transfer Thin Set and Medium Bed Mortar

  • adjustable mortar consistency
  • rapid hardening development (can be exposed to final heavy commercial traffic after three days only*)
  • up to 30% more coverage than standard mortar
  • excellent non sag characteristics for large and small format tiles
  • full mortar transfer (at 7L or 1.8 US gallons)
  • no billowing of mortar through joints
  • extended coverage
  • for interior and exterior application
  • reliable curing at low temperatures
  • can also be used over heated screed, balconies and patios
  • also for porcelain stoneware installations
  • in compliance with EN 12 004 C2 FE-S1, ANSI A 1184.4
  • real multipurpose properties
  • white version available
  • SuperTec-technology for dense mortar matrix
  • Self-curing characteristics


Servoperl Royal

Flexible Water and Dirt-Repellent Grout

  • Universal formula for walls and floors
  • high mechanical durability and abrasion resistance
  • for interior, exterior and submerged applications
  • crack and shrink resistant
  • mold and mildew resistant
  • colour accurate and efflorescence free
  • for 1-10 mm joint widths
  • increased resistance to acids and alkaline solutions
  • high resistance to household cleaning agents
  • water and dirt repellent (hydrophobic)
  • doesn't require sealer
  • safe usage at low temperatures
  • suitable for floor heating
  • for absorbent coverings
  • open to light traffic after 6 hours
  • residential and commercial application


Okamul DF

Elastic Polymer-based Waterproofing and Crack Isolation Membrane System

  • for installation under ceramic tiles
  • extremely flexible
  • excellent crack isolation characteristics
  • tested according to ZDB-categories O, AO1 and AO2
  • tested according to building code category A1 (German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt)


Okaphone II

Sound Deadening Board

  • high damping rate
  • excellent stepping sound reduction
  • fast installation
  • minimum height
  • for wide variety of substrates
  • under ceramic tiles and natural stone
  • suitable for difficult substrates
  • for residential areas

Tile and Stone care

 We've got everything you need to seal,

enhance and maintain your tile project.

Tile Giant Canada offers an extensive line of quality tile sealers, cleaners, finishes and specialty products designed for use on a variety of natural stone, clay and masonry surfaces from Miracle Sealants and Dyna.

From maintaining commercial grade ceramic tile to protecting delicate natural stone, we offer a wide range of products from oil & stain resistant penetrating sealers to fast acting grout cleaners; from colour enhancing sealers to high performance, water-based gloss sealers and more! At Tile Giant Canada you're sure to find all the maintenance products you need to beautify, protect and maintain your tile or natural stone project.


511 Impregnator

The Original Penetrating Sealer. Water, stain & slip protection for Sanded Grout, Ceramic Tile, Glazed Tile, Porcelain Tile, Polished Granite, Polished Marble, Terrazzo, Slate, Quartz, Travertine and more.

511 Impregnator is the original penetrating sealer designed for the protection of all medium to dense porous surfaces. 511 Impregnator forms an invisible barrier that is resistant to moisture and stains while allowing vapor to escape. 511 Impregnator is not a surface coating and will not alter the natural look. All surfaces treated are harder and less slippery.

511 Seal & Enhance

One-Step Sealer & Enhancer. Ready to Use Solvent Base Impregnator and Colour Enhancer

511 Seal & Enhance Is a unique, solvent-base formula designed to eliminate the need to use an impregnator before using a colour enhancer for maximum stain protection and superior colour enhancement. 511 Seal & Enhance is safe for use on granite, marble, limestone, natural stone, slate, ceramic tile, quarry tile and grout surfaces. 511 Seal & Enhance will enhance the colour and rejuvenate the appearance of tumbled, honed, acid-washed, sandblasted, flamed, textured, even polished stone and tile surfaces. In addition, 511 Seal & Enhance revitalizes old and worn stone and tile installations. It can be used successfully in both interior and exterior environments and is freeze/thaw resistant.

Wall Niches


An ideal shower accessory.

Are you finding that you don't have enough shelf space for everything you need in your bathroom or spa? How about taking that space from inside the walls? This can be easily done by installing wall niches. At Tile Giant Canada we have a variety of wall niches in several sizes with or without shelves.

These pre-fabricated waterproof niches are easy to install and are the perfect solution for creating additional shelf space. 

Get some ideas  from Schluter here.

Bathroom Accessories


The finishing touch!

For those who are looking for something other than ceramic fixtures, we also offer several distinctive designs of quality bathroom accessories. For those interested in a modern look we have the exciting new Squaretone series which is manufactured in Italy/Greece. We also have the sleek, contemporary design of the Infinity series or perhaps your design choice leans towards the more traditional Triumph series.

All these series feature brass construction and are available in Chrome and Brushed Nickel finishes. The Wiretone series of bathroom shower baskets is also available in Chrome and Brushed Nickel and feature concealed mounting screws. At Tile Giant Canada, you're sure to find all the products you need to complete your bathroom design.

Custom Tile Heat Registers



We now offer custom waterjet cutting of your tile selection so you can have your heat registers match your décor whether it's marble, limestone, ceramic, porcelain or granite. Our custom waterjet cut heat registers are available in both traditional and contemporary designs for 4"x10" and 3"x10" vent openings. Ask our sales team about this option.


Schluter®-Systems develops products specifically for the tile industry to ensure that installations maintain integrity and durability. The Schluter product line includes tile trims, uncoupling membranes, floor heating systems, waterproof building panels, and shower systems.

Read more: Schluter

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